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Uribe and "The Invisible Octopus"

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Youtube publicado: Junio 27, 2020 a las 6:30 pm hora de Colombia

Website publicado: Junio 28, 2020 a las 8:55 am hora de Colombia

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Who is the mastermind nicknamed “invisible octopus” or “pulpo invisible” of the Colombian narco-paramilitary underground world?

Who is behind the “black eagles” or Colombian sponsored death squads?

Who is behind the Paramilitary office headquarters in Envigado city?

Is José Vicente Castaño Gil the former leader of a Colombian paramilitary group, dead or alive?

What relationship does Álvaro Uribe Vélez have with the black eagles and the envigado office?


I am Richard Maok Riaño Botina, the first former CTI agent who investigated and filed a report against the paramilitary infiltration in the Prosecutor's Office, which in Colombia is called Attorney General’s Office. Also, in the Police, Police, Army, DAS or Intelligence Agency, INPEC or prisons authority, Supreme Court of Justice and Congress.

I also investigated how former president and current Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Fernando Sanclemente Álzate, along with 22 other people, sent 10 tons of Cocaine to Chapo Guzmán and Ismael El Mayo Zambada of the Sinaloa Cartel.

In search of international justice, I was invited to the UN to participate in several meetings with various analysis groups and personally delivered the evidence at the International Criminal Court in 2019.

I have exiled in Canada for 18 years and I am currently a Canadian citizen.

Next, you will hear an investigation I conducted for six months. Both informants and information were verified multiple times.

The “Invisible Octopus” is Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga, who is a prominent rancher in Lower Cauca, Antioquia. He made an immense fortune by dedicating himself to extensive ranching and buffalo farming, as he was the first rancher in Colombia to bring in high-quality specimens from Brazil.

Luis Horacio is an "irreproachable" man from a wealthy family with his three sisters, who for security reasons are living outside the country, since one of them was kidnapped by the FARC. Almost 30 years ago several million dollars in cash were paid for her kidnapping.

That is the great gentleman Luis Horacio that everyone knows, a loving family man, even saintly as his cousin the former president and current Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez, would say. What the vast majority of people, including his family, do not know, is that Luis Horacio, is and has been the co-founder of the paramilitary group (AUC) in Colombia.

Together he and Álvaro Uribe Vélez created the groups of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia in Antioquia and Córdoba and later spread these vigilante armies like a cancer throughout the nation. The original purpose was to try to stop FARC guerillas, who lived by extorting and stealing livestock, these feudal type armies ended up being trapped in an ever-increasing quagmire of violence.

But not only did they create the AUC, but Luis Horacio began to charge the Colombian drug traffickers 100 thousand pesos for each kilo of cocaine that left the runways in Antioquia and Córdoba, for the support of the thousands of men who were part of their armed paramilitary groups and thus their immense criminal power gradually grew. The AUC received money not only from drug traffickers charged with delivery taxes, but with money from cattle ranchers in Colombia to protect them from guerillas.

The power of Luis Horacio grew so large, that he appointed mayors and governors as he pleased, not only in Antioquia but in Córdoba. The only ones who he did not manage to appoint are the current Mayor of Medellín and the governor of Antioquia, because of Uribe’s tarnished record as his scandals have come to light. But, even so, he continues to be an enormously powerful man who continues to command absolutely all the paramilitary groups that still exist in Colombia.

As the AUC’s power and reach grew, they did not need to charge taxes as much, because they took over control of every aspect of the drug trade. Currently, they no longer charge for the drugs that are sent from the clandestine runways of lower Cauca, Antioquia, since Luis Horacio and Álvaro Uribe Vélez are the owners of absolutely all the drugs that are processed and exported not only to the United States but to Mexico, where they have currently all the distribution. They have been in charge of removing from the drug industry, all the bosses of the cartels to be the only ones who manage the entire drug trade.

As you can see, this spotless gentleman is just as dangerous as Álvaro Uribe Vélez himself.

On the other hand, Luis Horacio's first meeting place with the paramilitaries was the Hotel Piscis in Caucasia, Antioquia. Some ex-paramilitaries recognized Jesús Emilio Gonzales, alias ‘El viejo Nilo’ as the “Patron,”  which means “the boss”, who was the owner of the hotel and also the top leader of the self-defense groups throughout the lower Antioquia Cauca. There, the paramilitaries met repeatedly to issue orders to the heads of each block; planned assassinations, massacres, forced displacement, drug trafficking routes, who oversaw the cocaine kitchens and various activities of the organization. They met not only with former Senator Mario Uribe, condemned for his ties to groups from the AUC in Córdoba, but with Álvaro Uribe Vélez himself. Mario Uribe always stayed at the Hotel and not at the Alvaro Uribe property or at the Luis Horacio place.

‘El viejo Nilo’ was killed when he was traveling to Medellín for a medical appointment, because Nilo was not interested in the AUC dedicating himself to drug trafficking and that was the trigger for him to be killed in cold blood.

Taking into account that Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga and Alvaro Uribe Velez knew of the plan to extradite the paramilitary chiefs, they alerted Vicente Castaño Gil so that he did not accept the justice and peace process and instead fled Colombia, faked his death and moved to Germany.

Luis Horacio himself, helped Vicente Castaño Gil to leave the country, since they were long-time friends, gave him a new identity and he now lives as a businessman in Europe where no one knows him or associates him with his past in the paramilitary groups in Colombia.


On the other hand, the mercenary Yahir Klein, a friend of Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga trained the AUC groups in Colombia between 1988 and 1990 by express order of Álvaro Uribe Vélez. These trainings were in Puerto Boyacá, in the lower Cauca Antioqueño and in Maceo, Antioquia, at the “Hacienda La Guacharaca” owned by the family of today's Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez. To date, all of this continues in total impunity despite the fact that it is public knowledge, as well as the fact that former Venezuelan general Cliver Alcalá was the contact for the drug trafficking of Álvaro Uribe Vélez and thus able to send drugs from Colombia to Venezuela to The United States. This in turn paid them with weapons to equip the black eagles. Said former general Alcalá was extradited to the United States with the help of Álvaro Uribe Vélez, not to be imprisoned but to continue collaborating with the United States and thus be able to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro. What's more, all the weapons seized in Colombia last year that Alcalá said at the time was to carry out a coup d'état in Venezuela was really directed entirely to the black eagles found in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, as part of payment for one of the many drug shipments that helped pass through Venezuela.

Not only is the Hidroituango dam largely owned by Luis Horacio and Álvaro Uribe Vélez, but also Puerto Antioquía in the Antioquia Urabá, which will be Colombia's north shore port epicenter with the world. It is being built by several Asian companies that were brought in to do the work. According to documents, this port is a partnership with companies from various parts of the world, but in reality, 60% is owned by the Uribe Vélez family and Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga.

The cattle ranches that Luis Horacio currently owns were obtained by displacing the peasants who had small plots of two and three hectares. Currently the smallest hacienda he owns is 2,000 hectares. So how many peasants had to die and flee to grow their haciendas to such sizes, only to quench their thirst for power? Seen in this way, Luis Horacio and Álvaro Uribe Vélez are just as dangerous because Luis Horacio is absolutely unknown to anyone. Luis Horacio is the true power in the shadows, a loved and respected man in lower Cauca, Antioquia, owner of 80% of the total trade in Caucasia and adjacent municipalities. A man who has properties not only in the United States but in Europe and goes unnoticed, as well as the partner of the current Vice president of Colombia Martha Lucía Ramírez, the already famous Ghost Memo or “Memo fantasma”. Guillermo León Acevedo who is also a partner of Luis Horacio, in many real estate projects not only in Europe but in the United States. So as you will see, he is a dangerous multimillionaire man who lives in the shadows and was the one who actually helped to send the leaders of the AUC to be extradited in the US to continue to remain in the shadows.

That is why they are currently trying to bring Salvatore Mancuso back to Colombia in extradition and thus be able to assassinate him, just as they did with Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez alias Popeye who died of alleged esophageal cancer but was actually poisoned for wanting to expose Álvaro Uribe Vélez . Thus, they have been assassinating little by little, all the people who know something of all this network of power and corruption that has been managed in Colombia in the last 35 years. Ernesto Báez himself when he went to the JEP to say everything he knew about Álvaro Uribe Vélez was assassinated and they made it appear that he had died of a heart attack but his own family insists that he was assassinated for knowing too much.

When the AUC chiefs were extradited to the United States they literally almost massacred the families of the AUC chiefs to steal their property and their fortunes (one of them was Vladimir Vanoy the son of Cuco Vanoy who was assassinated in 2008 for not signing the transfers of the haciendas that they had in the lower Cauca Antioqueño). For that they used their notary cousins ​​and their lawyers who are a group of very dangerous bandits in which the worst of them stands out Abelardo de La Espriella who stole more than a Billion dollars from David Murcia Guzmán. He took all that money from David Murcia Guzmán, to supposedly give it to the thousands of Colombians, who were in that investment project. Uribe ended the investment project only because David Murcia did not want to associate with Uribe's bandits sons to make them partners in the project.

The lawyer Jaime Restrepo alias el patriota is an active part of the informants of the Black Eagles, as well as Emilio Arboleda. They give the names and addresses of those who speak against Uribe to order Rodrigo Alberto Zapata Sierra alias Ricardo to order those people to be listed and executed.

Both Alvaro Uribe Velez and Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga know this form of profiling and murder very well.

A little less than two months ago, they ordered the murder of journalists Daniel Mendoza, Gonzalo Guillen, and Julián Martínez, who published the entire scandal of the “Ñeñe politics”. For that job they gave clear orders to the Envigado office and the Black Eagles. This meeting was held in lower Cauca Antioquia, what nobody knows is that Ñeñe was killed for taking over the reserved information record that should only be known by Alvaro Uribe Velez and Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga and also for keeping in a micro-USB memory all the data and dates of the shipments, routes, and quantities of drugs that Ñeñe himself helped to send to Mexico for the Sinaloa cartel. Obviously, those shipments that mostly left the lower Cauca region of Antioquia were the property of Alvaro Uribe Velez and his partner Luis Horacio. As the Ñeñe kept this information without consent, he was assassinated so that it would not come to light. What they never imagined is that the United States will begin to investigate the Ñeñe for his calls with the Mexican cartels and for being a figurehead for Marquitos Figueroa, something that did not interest any of them and that ended with the death of Ñeñe. The curious thing is that many of the calls intercepted to Ñeñe are with Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga and Álvaro Uribe Vélez and not a single one has come to light.

José Félix Lafaurie has been an active partner for more than 30 years of Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Luis Horacio. José Félix is an active paramilitary and the vast majority of his estates have been obtained by stealing them from the Colombian peasants whom they have displaced, all backed by the AUC and that is why they oppose land restitution.

Luis Horacio continues in total anonymity passing as a recognized rancher nationwide and nobody would ever think about all the power he wields, his thirst for power is only compared to that of his cousin Álvaro Uribe Vélez who was put in government by the Colombian mafias to be the one to direct the power and contacts of all the drug cartels from Colombia to the world. Let's hope that sooner or later, justice falls on these spotless men who are the ones who manage the threads of power in Colombia at their whim. Although it is important to say that it is almost impossible for them to be prosecuted, since there is not a single magistrate in the country who is not part of the payroll of these corrupt Narco-paramilitaries.


For all the above reasons, I can conclude that Alvaro Uribe Velez is a top drug lord, controlling paramilitaries and creating genocidal policies.


Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga appeared on the 2007 parapolitical lists. It would be interesting to return to where those investigations were and continue advancing towards the truth.

This investigation was carried out for six months. Both informants and information were verified multiple times.

I am Richard Maok Riaño Botina, the first former CTI agent who investigated and file a report against the paramilitary infiltration in Colombia.

Thank you very much for your attention and for helping me to share this information. We are facing a paramilitary narco-state led by a president chosen for electoral fraud and the only option that remains is for you to help me spread this information through all your social networks, so that the truth is really known to all of us.

It is time to say NO MORE to the paramilitary narco-state, that is Colombia.

Thank you for your attention.

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