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Two mysterious shutdowns

Today, If I had been assigned to write a press article, probably the title will be:

A Canadian citizen, a former CTI agent from Colombia known as @hackerFiscalia, helped weaken two of Colombia's most powerful drug lords and paramilitaries.

First mysterious shutdown

The first mysterious shutdown happened when I did an exclusive investigation of a top drug kingpin and paramilitary leader has hidden for more than 40 years known as Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga. I assigned him the name ‘invisible Octopus’. I published the first investigation on June 27, 2020. The article in Spanish has more than 193 thousand views and the video 243 thousand visitors.

Article in Spanish:

Video in Spanish:

On October 12, 2021, the ‘Invisible Octopus’ was shot two times on the neck and one on his head. One of the hitmen was captured by local police. The intellectual perpetrator remains a mystery, even though the first people who announced this death publicly on Twitter were the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez @AlvaroUribeVel and the top head of ranchers in Colombia Jose Felix Lafaurie @jflafaurie

Uribe tweet sobre pulpo invisible.JPG
Lafaurie tweet sobre pulpo invisible.JPG

According to a first source, Uribe and Lafaurie were the ‘Invisible Octopus’ closest business partners in the drug trafficking industry and assassination planners when they used to meet at the Hotel Piscis in the municipality of Caucasia, in northern Colombia.


According to a second source known as Pitirri said that Mario Uribe, cousin of former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, also used to meet at the same Hotel Piscis.

Knowing these criminal facts, Lafaurie’s wife who is a current Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal wants to be the president of Colombia.


Álvaro Uribe Vélez and José Félix Lafaurie refer to Luis Horacio Escobar Saldarriaga as a simple rancher. However, Luis Horacio appears in documents investigated by @JuanPoe, that links Luis Horacio with Salvatore Mancuso through the rural property "Villa Nueva" and with the CONVIVIR "Los Campanos" that Álvaro Uribe Vélez legally approved with his signature, to provide Luis Horacio with weapons, promote self-defense groups and sponsor drug trafficking activities.


In 2002, I discovered and denounced the paramilitary infiltration in the State, according to a prosecutor order from the Attorney General's Office, based on 360 thousand calls between paramilitaries and public employees. This infiltration persists because the authorities were also part of that infiltration and worked with the drug trafficking industry and with Otoniel.

In the video, the paramilitary wants to tell us that the top leader of the Gaitanista self-defense forces of colombia is Alvaro Uribe Velez and the whole country already knows that.

Second mysterious shutdown

The second mysterious shutdown occurred with the capture of drug trafficker Dairo Antonio Usuga David, also known as "Otoniel", for whom the US State Department paid a reward of up to 5 million dollars that led to his capture.


“Alias Otoniel suffers from Diabetes, gout and has a serious respiratory disorder. Lawyers of the capo consulted by Caracol news confirmed that because of the persecution of the authorities and the delicate health conditions, the most wanted man in Colombia, would be trying to approach the United States to surrender to justice as the last exit.” Said Caracol news in Spanish on the following video:

He was not captured by the Colombian authorities, but a surrender preplanned negotiation to the US justice. I knew six months ago that Otoniel will surrender to US justice. Also, another former police officer from Colombia known as @SARGENTOCHALA published a leaked information on twitter from his own sources:

Chala WhatsApp.jpg

The following is the translation to Spanish of @SARGENTOCHALA instant messaging app WhatsApp:



Yes, God, but good.

The man surrendered.

The elections are coming.

The man was far from there and appears alone.



Did you have contact with the man?



A friend yes.

He was already negotiating.

Surrender to justice.

Previously, he was to be in Panama



And they come out with such a catch show.







They believe that by deceiving people with the supposed capture of Otoniel people will vote for them in elections.

How a powerful man as Otoniel
surrender to justice?

The investigation team of @hackerFiscalia, former CTI agent Richard Maok Ria؜ño Botina published several secret plans that had Otoniel to assassinate members of the top political opposition party ‘Colombia Humana’ of the political leader Gustavo Petro.


Also, we published how Otoniel’s brother Luis Eduardo Usuga David had direct business with the national police to provide low price gasoline for their vehicles.

The following investigations about Otoniel has been published publicly on all my social networks:

Otoniel & Ndrangheta (la mafia mas grande del mundo)




Nexos OTONIEL y Estado Colombiano

In addition, several actions related to information management have been taken to weaken his organization for more than six months.

On October 21st, during these conditions of having a weaken Otoniel’s organization, the Secretary Antony Blinken said to Colombia:

"Accountability is critically important – accountability for the most grave human rights violations and abuses committed during the country's conflict, accountability for any abuses committed in response to protests earlier this year and of course accountability for those responsible for attacks on human rights defenders, journalists and other civil society leaders,"

"Ending impunity as we know it is also one of the best ways to prevent more abuses going forward." Blinken said.

After this message from Mr. Blinken on October 21st to the Colombian narco state, only took a couple days to capture Otoniel on October 23rd.

Seems estrange when Ivan Duque always says that he knows where Otoniel is, but he never actually captures him. What was he really waiting for? Maybe he never knew, or he was waiting orders from US.

This is a compilation of videos where President Iván Duque said that he knew where Otoniel was, but never captured him before he surrendered to justice.

However, the Colombian government is in a hurry to extradite Otoniel in a few days, as soon as possible, as requested by two US courts. Required by the Court for the Southern District of Florida and the Court for the Eastern District of New York to answer for crimes related to drug trafficking.


Why during the second presidency of Alvaro Uribe Velez took a year to extradite Uribe’s drug trafficking business partner José Raúl Jiménez Villamil to Spain?

Mr. Jimenez was the owner of Air Cargo Lines from which with Uribe and Fernando Sanclemente Alzate and 21 other people sent 10 tons of Cocaine to El Chapo Guzman and also to Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada from the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

The whole investigation that I did, including technical evidence, documentary evidence, and testimonial evidence is here:

Now what? Who will take over the drug trafficking business?

1.     Jobanis de Jesus Avila, also known as “Chiquito Malo”

2.     Jose Sanchez, also known as “Gonzalito”

3.     Jhonatan Albeiro Osorio Caro, also known as “Flechas”.          He managed to escape from prison recently on                        September 24, 2021, from a Police station in

        Segovia township.

4.     Wilmer Antonio Giraldo, also known as “Siopas”.

The drug trafficking is a complex transnational crime organization where each part does their job:

1.     The Colombian narco state guarantees that the Colombian              cartels keep his peak as the first producer of cocaine in the              world.

2.     The Sinaloa Cartel is the number one distribution                              transnational organization of drug trafficking in the world.

3.     Sumitomo Corporation which is the Yakuza mafia is doing                money laundering from Sinaloa Cartel and NDranguetta.

By the big picture, a tiny hair has been taken from that huge animal.

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