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This Sunday's election in Colombia signifies a major turning point for the country

The citizens have a choice to vote for a presidential candidate backed by one of the country's largest war criminals or to vote for former Mayor Petro

Por @hackerFiscalia

Junio 17, 2018


Forced Displacement vs Peace and Joy

Colombians have suffered enough. Since 2002; 6 million people have been displaced from their homes, representing 12% of the population. Colombia could very well be on the verge of civil war and economic collapse if the puppet candidate Ivan Duque is allowed to unfairly win. Fraud has already been revealed in the first presidential round results on May 27th, 2018 in favor of Ivan Duque. Even with the odds stacked in favor of Ivan Duque, the oligarchs could not overwrite completely the popular support for Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.


The second round is on June 17, 2018. We the global community need to do everything in our power to encourage Colombians to have hope. To go out and vote with courage. To not subscribe to political fear-mongering.


Every trick in the book is being pulled out by the camp behind Duque to win this upcoming election by any means necessary. It doesn't just stop at fraud, but also by an assassination attempt on Presidential candidate Mr. Petro in March.


One of Colombia's most corrupt past Presidents Alvaro Uribe Velez hired the PR Company Cambridge Analytica to help influence the public perception in favor of Ivan Duque and against Gustavo Petro. During Alvaro Uribe Velez's tenure as president from 2002-2010 saw one of the most torturous times in Colombia's history. UNCHR estimated 360,000 refugees and in Canada alone there were 17,381 refugees between 2004 and 2013 from Colombia. Would you have guessed Colombia as the #1 producer of refugees during that time period? Nowadays we might expect Syria to be in this vaulted position, because of the dire situation of the citizens in their home country.

During the tenure of former president Alvaro Uribe Velez, there were 3,374,270 victims between 2002 and 2010. He has more than 300 criminal investigations on the Commission of Accusations of the Congress, 28 on the Supreme Court of Justice (expedients UI38451 y 40248) and others pending by the Canadian citizen and former CTI detective Richard Maok Riano Botina also known as @hackerFiscalia who sent the evidence to the International Criminal Court since 2007. 


There are serious charges involving:


1. Massive human rights violations

2. Homicides of thousands of innocents

3. Deliberate cover-ups of crimes and corruption and

4. The assassination of nine key witnesses


Human Rights Watch recommended that the Colombian government should redouble the protection of witnesses.


Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro is bravely standing up against governmental corruption for the people of Colombia at the risk to his personal safety. In Colombia, officials investigating corruption are directly targeted in gang style shootings, including multiple Detectives and Prosecutors; such as Detective Sergio Humberto Parra Ossa who was violently killed with 50 shots of rifle by two trucks full of paramilitaries that enclosed the vehicle while the detective was on the way to go home. Even Prosecutors such as special prosecutor Carlos Arturo Pinto Bohórquez was assassinated from a motorcycle.

Let's join in the hope of Colombian citizens to wish for a better future against tyranny and for the rule of justice to triumph. So that even in the face of violence, corruption, PR campaigns, fraud, the right candidate is chosen so that Colombia does not once again become the world's #1 exporter of refugees.

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