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Colombia doesn't have democracy Message for UN

July this year (2021), 26 Colombian mercenaries killed Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti. Over the past few years, hundreds of Colombian mercenaries were hired by UAE (United Arab Emirates) and other countries.

Why are Colombian mercenaries, the world’s choice for private security firms? Maybe partly due to constant instability in Colombia and politicians financing private armies, whose mercenaries sometimes end up hired by politicians, to take down their political opponents, and activists.

Mercenaries can destabilize society if they take down a leader of a country that was democratically elected by their citizens.

Private armies in Colombia are linked to numerous human rights violations like forced displacements of civilians, massacres, and the disappearances of activists.

On September 3rd, 2021, Tania Coronell, a former candidate for the Assembly of Magdalena, Colombia, was found with military gear for 30 hitmen in her vehicle.


She was suspected to be linked to the plot to assassinate Carlos Caicedo, governor of Magdalena.

Democracy by assassination is not democracy. Colombia does not have a strong democracy contrary to the statements on May 12, 2021, of Daniel Palacios, Minister of the interior. Private armies make a mockery of democracy and human rights in Colombia and around the world.

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